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Using IPUMS Data Sets for Studying Older Immigrants

Using IPUMS Data Sets for Studying Older Immigrants

Recorded On: 02/15/2024

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The webinar will introduce attendees to population data from IPUMS and their value for studying older immigrants. Flood and Williams from IPUMS will provide an overview of key data collections for this research area and Glicksman, Diederich, and Davey will provide examples on how they use the data in their research. Glicksman will show how he uses the American Community Survey (IPUMS USA) data to study immigrants in the Philadelphia area. Diederich has used the National Health Interview Survey (IPUMS NHIS) to study immigrants’ intended use of long-term care services and supports. She will present how country of origin affects immigrants’ choices. Davey’s research has focused on cross-national comparisons, among others. He will provide an overview on how he has used national and international data sets and some the advantages and challenges in this research area.

This webinar is organized by the International Aging and Migration Interest Group.

Presented by:

  • Sarah Flood, PhD, Director of the Life Course Center, University of Minnesota
  • Allen Glicksman, PhD, Embedded Scientist, NewCourtland, Philadelphia
  • Dr Freya Diederich, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Bremen
  • Adam Davey, PhD, Professor of Behavioral Health and Nutrition, University of Delaware


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